What  Solar  option  means to an Indian power consumer?

Out of the various options on alternative renewable energies, what is most relevant to an average domestic consumer?

Wind power options are normally cost effective and viable only for large undertakings of projects of Government or private sector, and this requires vast land area and free from aerial restrictions. The  investments are high.

For a domestic consumer, solar power installations for home use are easy and economical, and free from

shutdown/fluctuations from Electric corporations.   A simple one KW solar panel installation for an apartment owner would generally satisfy uninterrupted power supply for simple lighting and ventilation purposes, using power from sunlight, practically free of cost. We in normal practice without realisation, use solar power (sunlight) for drying clothes, edibles etc.

But here we are able to store power generated through solar cells, in a battery, for our use at any time, day or night!

The cost of installation of a mere one KW solar panel installation, (for an apartment) with inverter and battery works out in the range of  Rs.80 k to one Lakh.

The equipment is durable for long time and free of any cumbersome maintenance for the user. Further there is a substantial saving effect from our normal monthly electricity bills.