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Welcome to SAAGAV SOLAR, Chennai…. (A Unit of SAAGAV Enterprises)

For a complete Solar solution Viz. Roof top Solar for Homes, Commercial and industrial establishments, gated communities, factories, office etc….kindly contact SAAGAV SOLAR for a free quote in the enquiry form and we shall get back on most economical quotes affordable. Reduce your high utility bills and go green energy, go solar, Save environment and future generations.

Contribute to the reduction program of carbon footprints, reduce burning of coal and fossil fuels and reduce pollution by going Solar / Green Energy and be self-dependent of electricity generation.

Save money by reduction on utility bills and get back the ROI of Solar installation within 4 to 5 years’ time and there after enjoying free uninterrupted free electricity…

Solar Products – Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, Solar batteries (Lead acid and Lithium ion), BOS systems, Solar Water heaters, Solar Street lights, Solar Fencing, Small products like Solar lights, lantern, garden lights, wall lights etc…and many more…





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